About Us

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About Us

@HomePrep Healthcare is a division of Stautzenberger College. We are proud to be a leader in the e-learning industry by continuously offering high quality digital and live education to our vast community of professional learners. We strive to provide the most inclusive and beneficial content to help our students remain competitive in their field. Our healthcare continuing education courses strive to provide quality education from medical professionals with years of experience in the field and in the classroom. We strive to provide innovative and evidence-based courses taken from the convenience of your home. Each course has been state-approved, leaving the student confident that they are receiving quality education that will meet their continuing education requirements. At @HomePrep, we fully understand that students have many choices when it comes to seeking their education, and we believe that we are that choice.

What We Believe

Our Mission

@HomePrep’s mission is to be a leader in providing quality professional development and continuing education to support our learners’ goals.

Our Vision

The vision of @Home Prep is to foster lifelong learning for career professionals

Our Values


Our Causes

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@HomePrep is constantly evaluating educational options to improve our service to our learners. If you are an instructor, content developer, or educational consultant, we would like to hear from you and understand the services you provide for exam preparation, continuing education and pre-licensing.

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