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  • Pharmacy Technician, The: Foundations and Practices, 3rd edition

    Pharmacy Technician, The: Foundations and Practices
    Published 2019
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  • Pharmacology for Nurses: A Pathophysiologic Approach, 6th edition


    Published by Pearson (April 2, 2019) © 2020

    • Michael P. Adams
    • Norman Holland Hillsborough Community College Ruskin, Florida
    • Carol Quam Urban George Mason University
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  • Pharmacy Law: Textbook & Review


    A concise review of pharmacy law — ideal for coursework and MPJE® exam prep!

    This accessible, real-world guide gets you ready for the practice of pharmacy, while giving you the proper training to be compliant with the law. To that end, the book expertly covers relevant laws, rules, and regulations, and it highlights the distinctions between state and federal law where appropriate. In no other reference can you find such a succinct, yet thorough, review of the full range of federal pharmacy laws, including the Controlled Substances Act; the …

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  • Pharmacology You See


    A full-color study guide to clinical therapeutics

    Pharmacology You See is an up-to-date, concise and full-color study aid of clinical therapeutics for health disciplines. This unique review highlights high-yield information for the purpose of exam preparation and organizes it into a visual presentation with full-color figures.

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  • Mcgraw-Hill Education Naplex Review, Third Edition


    The acclaimed NAPLEX® review – updated to reflect the latest NAPLEX®  guidelines!

    More than ONE MILLION Clicks on AccessPharmacy!

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  • Drug Actions and Interactions


    The quick reference guide you need to avoid harmful interactions between prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and dietary supplements

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    A pharmacology review that simulates the way medical students think and learn

    Composed entirely of tables and diagrams, this innovative text delivers a complete review of pharmacology. Smart Charts Pharmacology not only highlights the information that you need to learn for course examinations and the Pharmacology component of the USMLE Step 1, but also makes it easier to organize, study, and remember the material.

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  • Understanding Pharmacoepidemiology


    Understanding Pharmacoepidemiology is a clear, engagingly written roadmap to mastering the important concepts and methods of pharmacoepidemiology. It explains what pharmacoepidemiology is, how pharmacoepidemiology studies are conducted, and how to interpret findings. You will learn the importance of pharmacoepidemiology, basic terminology used in research, and the data sources, study designs, and statistical analyses employed in pharmacoepidemiology research. Upon completing Understanding Pharmacoepidemiology you will have a better understanding of how t…

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  • Vitamins and Minerals Demystified


    Encapsulating the science behind vitamins and minerals

    Need to understand how vitamins and minerals work but find dense texts difficult to absorb? Here’s your panacea! Vitamins & Minerals Demystified makes it easy to digest information on everything from A to zinc.

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  • Pharmacy Law Examination and Board Review


    Get your highest score possible on the MPJE with detailed state-specific guidance!


    Pharmacy Law Examination and Board Review is the perfect way to prepare for the MPJE Exam. It delivers a rigorous review of pharmacy-related statutes, rules, and regulations that impact pharmacy practice in twenty states as well as a summary of federal regulations that pertain to pharmacy law.

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  • Patient Assessment in Pharmacy


    Learn the art and science of patient assessment to succeed in real-world pharmacy practice

    The goal of Patient Assessment in Pharmacy is to impart the assessment and practice skills necessary to provide optimal patient care when working in an ambulatory care environment.

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  • Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice


    Gain a complete understanding of the principles of quality improvement and their application to present and future pharmacy practice.

    Quality and Safety in Pharmacy Practice details the principles, approaches, strategies, and actions necessary to improve the overall safety and effectiveness of pharmacy services. Although one of the book’s primary goals is to enhance the quality of future health care, you will find guidelines that can be implemented immediately to improve today’s pharmacy practice. This comprehensive text offers a comple…

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  • Pharmaceutical Care Practice: The Patient-Centered Approach to Medication Management, Third Edition


    The most practical textbook on pharmaceutical care available to the student and licensed pharmacist

    Pharmaceutical Care Practice, 3e provides the basic information necessary to establish, support, deliver, and maintain medication management services. This trusted text explains how a practitioner delivers pharmaceutical care services and provides a vision of how these services fit into the evolving healthcare structure.

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  • Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services: A step by step approach



    Community and Clinical Pharmacy Services teaches pharmacy students and practicing pharmacists how to provide advanced levels of pharmacy services in community and clinic settings designed to help patients achieve specific health goals and treat common disease states. This unique text provides practical–rather than merely ideological–ways for pharmacists to utilize their extensive clinical knowledge and fill a major gap in American health ca…

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  • Lange Q&A Pharmacy, Tenth Edition


    The most effective and comprehensive pharmacy review for the NAPLEX®

    The ultimate pharmacy review covering every topic tested on the exam

    Companion CD-ROM prepares you for the computerized format of the NAPLEX®

    1500+ NAPLEX-style Q&As deliver unmatched preparation for the exam

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  • Pharmacogenomics An Introduction and Clinical Perspective



    A Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

    The only pharmacogenomics resource to feature a global author team comprised of PharmDs, MDs, PhDs and social scientists, Pharmacogenomics offers an essential, highly accessible survey of this dynamic discipline. You will find thorough coverage of all need-to-know topics, from individual molecules to systemic diseases, plus an examination of the latest technologies that are constantly reshaping the field. Pharmacogenomics View Product

  • Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide, Fourth Edition


    A unique case-based approach to learning how to apply pharmacotherapeutic concepts to specific patient situations

    A Doody’s Core Title for 2017!

    Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice Study Guide, Fourth Edition delivers more than 100 patient cases that correspond to chapters in the Fourth Edition of Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice. These case are presented in a  consistent manner, similar to what you would see in a clinical setting and focus on a specific topic or disorder. For each case, …

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  • Roadmap to Postgraduate Training in Pharmacy


    A must read for every pharmacy student

    Roadmap to Postgraduate Training in Pharmacy provides the information and expertise pharmacy students need to make confident, informed decisions regarding residency programs, fellowships, and additional degrees.

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  • Pharmeceutics


    An innovative new text for the pharmacy student that shows the relevance of pharmaceutics to clinical practice


    Written for pharmacy students who want to gain a better understanding of pharmaceutics, this full-color resource shows the relevance of pharmaceutics to clinical practice. The text provides students with an understanding of industrial pharmacy practices, which will assist them in correlating dosage form considerations with specific patient situations in real-world practice. While written on a level suitable for those with a …

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  • Organic Chemistry of Medicinal Agents


    The most concise and streamlined textbook available on organic chemistry for the pharmacy student

    Organic Chemistry for Pharmacy is a textbook written specifically for the students taking the required Organic/Medical Pharmacy course. Using a building-block approach, the book delivers a basic, yet thorough discussion of the mode of action, therapeutic applications, and limitations of various pharmaceutical agents. Organic Chemistry for Pharmacy is especially written for students who have a limited background in chemistry.

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  • Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics 3/E


    The most current, hands-on book in the field, Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics The perfect textbook for pharmacy students learning the clinical application of pharmacokinetics, which is the mathematical tools for modifying doages. Students like that each chapter includes sample problems throughout the chapter, with a ton of practice problems at the end. Answers for the practice problems are in the back, but not detailed like the sample problems)

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  • Pharmacy Student Survival Guide, 3E


    A handbook that you will refer to throughout your entire pharmacy education!

    A Doody’s Core Title for 2015!

    Pharmacy Student Survival Guide is a one-of-a-kind roadmap for excelling in pharmacy practice courses. A unique combination calculations, kinetics, drug information, medical terminology, and laboratory data book all in one, the Guide helps you organize case information, improve problem-solving skills, learn terminology, and impress faculty during rounds.

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  • Mastering Pharmacy Technician Math: A Certification Review


    The review you need to excel on the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination!

    Mastering Pharmacy Technician Math: A Certification Review is a super-effective way for students preparing for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination to improve their ability to perform basic math and pharmacy-specific calculations. The book includes powerful learning aids such as practice exercises in each chapter, end-of-chapter Q&A, a 50-question pretest that reviews key concepts, and three 100-question practice tests to prepare you for…

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  • Non-Sterile for Pharm Techs-Text and Certification Review



    Non-Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians is written to provide pharmacy technicians with a solid foundational knowledge of non-sterile compounding and toprepare them for the Pharmacy Technician Board Certification examination. It explains in detail the tools, equipment, and documents necessary to ensurethe accurate preparation of compounded pharmaceuticals.

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  • Sterile Compounding for Pharm Techs–A text and review for Certification



    Sterile Compounding for Pharmacy Technicians: Training and Review for Certification is an essential resource for students in pharmacy technician programs and for technicians requiring training for IV certification or employment. It is designed to teach student technicians important theory and concepts of sterile compounding and to keep seasoned practitioners current with the ever-changing regulatory standards, as well as the many new products and technologies designed to minimiz…

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  • USMLE Pharmacology Review Flash Cards


    140 cards deliver a thorough high-yield review of the medical pharmacology principles and drugs most likely to appear on the USMLE Step 1

    A fun, fast, and effective way to review the high-yield pharmacology principles and drugs that you MUST understand to excel on the USMLE Step 1 examination.

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  • Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law


    A Case-Based Introduction to Pharmacy Tort Law and Its Role in Pharmacy Practice

    Pharmacy Practice and Tort Law is written to help pharmacy students better understand the concepts of tort law and apply it to their own experiences. Focusing on the civil liabilities a pharmacist may face in real-world practice, the book describes each tort in detail, outlining the elements that must be proven for successful litigation.

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  • Pocket Guide to Commonly Prescribed Drugs, Third Edition


    This comprehensive, easy to use reference presents the information needed to prescribe commonly used medications safely and effectively. It consists of two alphabetic listings:commonly prescribed drugs by category and commonly prescribed drugs.

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  • Health Care Science Technology: Career Foundations, Student Tutorial CD-ROM

    1st Edition
    By N/A McGraw Hill
    © 2004 | Published: March 5, 2004
    Grammar Enrichment
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  • Applied Physical Pharmacy, Third Edition


    A complete practice-oriented introduction to physical pharmacy
    Written to clearly and simply explain how drugs work, this textbook explores the fundamental physicochemical attributes and processes important for understanding how a drug is transformed into a usable product that is administered to a patient to reach its pharmacological target, and then exists the body.

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  • Principles of Research Design and Drug Literature Evaluation, Second Edition


    An essential text for any Pharmacy Research Design/Drug Literature course
    Principles of Research Design and Drug Literature Evaluation, Second Edition is a unique resource that provides a balanced approach covering critical elements of clinical research, biostatistical principles, and scientific literature evaluation techniques for evidence-based medicine. It is the ideal foundation for professional pharmacy students and a key resource for pharmacy residents, research fellows, practitioners, and clinical researchers.
    This highly access…

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  • Infectious Diseases Case Study Approach


    A new case-based approach to teaching infectious disease pharmacotherapy to pharmacy students

    Reflecting the growing demand for healthcare providers versed in infectious disease pharmacotherapy, this innovative new text provides an essential examination of the subject through patient cases seen in actual practice. Assuming little prior knowledge of infectious diseases on the reader’s part, the text covers both common and uncommon presentations, as well as disease states not found in similar textbooks.

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  • Pharmacy Management: Essentials for All Practice Settings, Fifth Edition


    The leading text on pharmacy management – updated to reflect the latest trends and topics

    Pharmacy Management is a comprehensive textbook that combines evidence-based management theories with practical solutions for the issues pharmacists face every day. Enhanced by input from educators, researchers, students and practicing pharmacists, the Fifth Edition addresses the evolving role of pharmacists in today’s every-changing environment.

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  • Pharmacotherapy Principles and Practice, Sixth Edition


    All the main concepts from the landmark Pharmacotherapy: A Pathophysiologic Approach?distilled down to a concise, clinically focused, full-color resource

    Pharmacotherapy Principles & Practice uses a solid evidence-based approach to teach you how to design, implement, monitor, and evaluate medication therapy. Updated with additional content and reflecting the latest findings, this sixth edition provides everything you need to gain an in-depth understanding of the underlying principles of the pharmacotherapy of disease?and their practical…

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  • Interprofessional Practice in Pharmacy: Featuring Illustrated Case Studies


    This one-of-a-kind medical text covers everything needed to launch a successful career in pharmacy

    Interprofessional Practice in Pharmacy: Featuring Illustrated Case Studies presents an accessible, in-depth exploration of pharmacists working to advance the safe and effective use of medications. This is an ideal resource for early learners in pharmacy, high school and undergraduate students considering careers in healthcare, and educators and students throughout the health professions.

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  • McGraw Hill’s 2022/2023 Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards


    The quickest, most efficient way for mastering critical facts about common drugs 

    Perfect for NAPLEX and course review, McGraw Hill’s 2022-2023 Top 300 Pharmacy Drug Cards is the most concise and up-to-date resource for building a solid knowledge base of the most commonly used drugs. Each card includes:

    • Generic and common name
    • Dosage Forms
    • Approved Dose and Indications
    • Off-Label Use
    • Contraindications
    • Adverse Reactions
    • Drug Interactions View Product
  • Community Pharmacy Practice Guidebook


    Get up to speed on everything there is to know about community pharmacy!

    This unmatched resource provides the tools you need to operate, manage, and advance community pharmacy. The authors have gathered information from practicing community pharmacists to deliver the most salient information you need to know.

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  • Pharmacotherapy Handbook, Eleventh Edition

    By Terry L. Schwinghammer, Joseph T. DiPiro, Vicki Ellingrod, Cecily V. DiPiro
    © 2021 | Published: January 8, 2021
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  • Shargel and Yu’s Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, 8th Edition


    The authoritative textbook on the principles and practical applications of biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics

    Shargel & Yu’s Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics has been the standard textbook in its field for over 40 years.  This eighth edition includes recent scientific developments in the field and embodies the collective contribution of experts with deep knowledge and experience in the selected subject areas.  Shargel & Yu’s Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics, Eighth Edition provides the …

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  • Goodman and Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 14th Edition


    The landmark pharmacology reference—updated to reflect the latest research and developments in the field

    For more than 50 years, Goodman & Gilman’s: The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics has represented the pinnacle of authority and accuracy in describing the actions and uses of therapeutic agents in relation to physiology and pathophysiology. The text’s careful balance of basic science and clinical applications has guided thousands of health care practitioners and students to a clear understanding of the drugs essential t…

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  • Medical Dosage Calculations: A Dimensional Analysis Approach 11th Edition


    New and updated features of this title

    Ample opportunity to apply concepts.

    • NEW: Keystroke Sequences (Ch. 1) let learners check their calculations.
    • NEW: New exercise questions and illustrative examples throughout give students more opportunities to problem solve and dig deeper on concepts.
    • NEW: New Dosage Calculation Online Application provides diagnostic testing and student remediation with hundreds of additional practice questions.

    Updates to key medical data

  • CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2023


    The most popular annual guide of its kind, this updated edition of the flagship title of the LANGE medical book brand presents the most important diagnostic and treatment recommendations as well as the most useful new clinical developments in every field of adult medicine.

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