Abdominal Emergencies


1st Edition
0071468617 · 9780071468619
By David M. Cline, Latha Ganti
© 2008 | Published: December 10, 2007

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A comprehensive, hands-on guide that explains how to accurately diagnose abdominal pain — and treat its underlying causes

A Doody’s Core Title for 2011!

“This does a remarkable job of examining and summarizing the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic options for a very difficult yet common complaint. Its strength is in the discussion of best use and limitations of the testing modalities used to diagnose abdominal pain. It is more concise than many other similar texts, and covers the information extremely well.”–Doody’s Review Service

This clinical companion — written by emergency room physicians for emergency room physicians — takes you through all of the must-know management strategies for acute and chronic abdominal pain and its etiology.

In its all-inclusive overview of abdominal pain-related conditions such as urinary tract infection and diverticulitis, the book includes only those insights that are most useful for busy ER physicians. This essential, high-yield approach carries over to a chapter format that features quick-hit bulleted lists of key clinical facts, along with a step-by-step review of management guidelines. You’ll also find an abundance of clinically relevant CT and ultrasound scans, plus criteria for their interpretation.