Airway Management in Emergencies


1st Edition
0071470050 · 9780071470056
By George Kovacs, J. Adam Law
© 2008 | Published: October 9, 2007

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Learn the clinical skills necessary to treat any emergency airway problem

Written by international experts in a style that’s concise, practical and to the point, Airway Management in Emergencies covers all the options — both medical and surgical — for managing any patient’s airway in an emergency. Here, you’ll find the core knowledge and accompanying management protocols necessary to assess, oxygenate, intubate, and monitor patients requiring emergency airway management.

In each chapter, this high-yield coverage is supported by evidence-based algorithms, synoptic tips, and real-world case studies that show you how to resolve any difficult airway scenario you would likely encounter in clinical practice.


  • Highlighted key points in each chapter
  • Skill-sharpening review of “core knowledge”
  • More than 100 figures that include a combination of original art work, fluoroscopy and Airwaycam® images.
  • A practical overview of both established and newer emergency airway equipment
  • Far-reaching coverage addressing both the anticipated and unanticipated difficult airway, the uncooperative patient, and the “failed” airway.
  • Chapters on treating a range of patient populations and clinical presentations, including an approach to the pediatric, the elderly, and the critically ill patient
  • Perspectives on when and how to perform both “awake” and rapid sequence intubations and effectively administer post-intubation care
  • A closing chapter on the interrelationship between human performance and patient safety — and how to optimize both in caring for patients requiring acute airway management