Emergency Medicine On Call


1st Edition
0071388796 · 9780071388795
By Samuel M. Keim
© 2004 | Published: August 19, 2003

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This user-friendly reference assists in the initial evaluation and treatment of the most frequently encountered problems in emergency medicine, both common and potentially life-threatening. The largest section of the book consists of 97 of the most common or important emergency medicine problems experienced by adult, pediatric, and geriatric populations. Each chapter in this section includes the presenting problem, immediate questions, differential diagnosis, laboratory and diagnostic data, and treatment plan. Additional chapters such as toxicologic emergencies, laboratory diagnosis, procedures, blood component therapy, and commonly used medications are also included and enhance the book’s value as a single-source reference.

Key Features:
*Logically organized, quick-access reference to the evaluation and management of problems encountered in the emergency department setting – essential information is located immediately and provides a complete picture of the initial evaluation and treatment of specific problems
*Problem-oriented approach to the information is uniquely suited to the way in which emergency medicine is taught and practiced
*Differential diagnosis, key laboratory and diagnostic tests, and treatment plans for 97 of the most common problems that present in the emergency department
*Chapters on laboratory and diagnostic tests, procedures, and commonly used medications – highlight important information in the management of the medical patient