Emergency Medicine Q&A: Pearls of Wisdom, Third Edition


3rd Edition
0071544690 · 9780071544696
By Joseph R. Lex
© 2009 | Published: March 6, 2009

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The perfect Q&A review for the emergency medicine boards

Emergency Medicine Q&A: Pearls of Wisdom contains more than 800 multiple-choice questions to prepare students for the written section of their certification exam. Ideal for those planning for certification, recertification, or the annual in-service exam, it focuses on core content required for the boards.

Formatted to mirror the style of questioning you’ll experience on the boards, this newly designed and thoroughly updated guide complements other review material and works well in conjunction with core textbooks. In order to improve memory retention, the authors provide only the correct answer, along with a detailed explanation to help you evaluate your knowledge of the material. Among the disorders covered are abdominal, immunological, traumatic, psychobehavioral, cutaneous, thoracic, and cardiovascular.


  • Over 800+ multiple choice questions with detailed answers.
  • NEW chapter on prehospital and administrative aspects of Emergency Medicine.
  • Updated chapter on medical imaging written by an ultrasound expert, with over 20 films for review.
  • Updated questions on toxicology from a board-certified toxicologist.
  • Expanded chapters on Psychobehavioral, Thoracic and Respiratory, and Pediatric Emergencies with 25% more questions.