Rotator Cuff Dysfunction


This 3 hour course will provide a relevant review of anatomy and physiology and how it relates to function of the rotator cuff. This course demonstrates innovative treatment planning in functional rehabilitation of the upper kinetic chain with evidence-based interventions based on the latest research. Upon completing this course, participants will have a deeper understanding of how the rotator cuff works including mechanisms and contributions from other regions.

Course Overview

This deeper understanding of the rotator cuff will allow the participant to more completely and fully assess and manage patients with rotator cuff dysfunction. This course will explore why scapular stabilization is so important to the upper kinetic chain including evaluating the evidence-based positional recruitment of open and closed kinetic exercises. This will allow participants to develop improved plans of care and exercise progressions for their patients with rotator cuff dysfunction.

Approval Info

This course has been approved by APTA Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Utah, Connecticut, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Kansas, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, Wisconsin and NYSOTA for 3 CE hours.

This course has been approved by APTA South Carolina for 2.75 CE hours.