Texas: 13 Hours: Current Evidence Based Treatment of the Extremities


13 Continuing Education Hours for a Discounted Price! All 13 hours are approved by the TPTA – Texas state board.

This product combines 5 CE courses for physical therapists at a discounted price. Enjoy learning about rotator cuff dysfunction, patella femoral pain syndrome, total shoulder arthroplasty, post-arthroplasty rehabilitation of the knee, and secondary impingement syndrome.

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Course Overview

Upper Extremity Courses:
These courses will demonstrate innovative treatment protocols for functional rehabilitation of the upper kinetic chain with evidence-based interventions of latest research.  Courses will focus on applications for primary and secondary impingement pathology. Treatment for Rotator Cuff Repair will include current strategies based on the current literature.  These courses will explore why scapular stabilization is the core for all shoulder rehabilitation for designing positional recruitment of open and closed kinetic exercises.  Rehab Interventions for today’s surgical procedures for Total Shoulder Replacement, Hemiarthroplasty and Reverse Prosthesis will be updated with published evidence-based exercises.
Lower Extremity Courses
These courses will focus on the simplified approach to treat Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome. Current evidence-based applications for the four-treatment approaches that include Instability, Tension, Friction and Compression. In addition, this course will present the most up to date treatment plans for Tri-plane Stabilization for functional recovery from Total Knee Replacement and Unicompartmental Procedures.

Approval Info

All of these courses are approved by the Texas state board of physical therapy.

Rotator Cuff Dysfunction – 3 hours

Total Shoulder Arthroplasty – 2 hours

Post Rehabilitation Arthroplasty of the Knee – 2 hours

Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome – 2 hours

Secondary Impingement Syndrome – 2 hours

Course Developer

Terry Trundle, PTA, AT (Retired), is a course developer for AHP. He is also a course developer and Instructor for the Institute of Advanced Musculoskeletal Treatments. He teaches seminars on Functional Rehabilitation of the Shoulder, Knee and Development of the Orthopedic Proficiency Certificate Track. Currently, Terry is a Sports Injury Consultant for BenchMark Physical Therapy in Acworth, Georgia. He is a Graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. As a Graduate of the Medical College of Georgia he was selected as a Distinguished Alumni Inductee in 2008 from the School of Allied Health. For 18 years He was president of Clinical Specialists, Inc. that provided clinical seminars with cadaver dissection and surgical demonstration of the shoulder and knee.

As a career long member of the American Physical Therapy Association, he received his Advanced Proficiency Recognition in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy in 2005. In recent years, he was the creator and chair of the Advisory Board for the Annual Conference known as the Rehab Summit. Terry’s research has been featured in numerous journals and publications. Most recently, he authored a chapter on the Orthopedic Management for the Shoulder in Fundamental Orthopedic Management for the Physical Therapist Assistant (Textbook). Terry is now a Retired Certified Athletic Trainer of the National Athletic Trainers Association.