Mastering Snapping Scapula Syndrome: Our Comprehensive Course

At AHP Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing healthcare professionals with the tools and knowledge necessary to address a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions effectively. One such condition that can present challenges in clinical practice is snapping scapula syndrome. This blog will delve into the essentials of our Snapping Scapula (AT) course, exploring its objectives, content, and relevance in athletic training. Join us as we uncover the intricacies of snapping scapula syndrome and empower athletic trainers with the expertise needed to optimize patient care.

Understanding Snapping Scapula Syndrome:

Snapping scapula syndrome is a shoulder condition characterized by audible or palpable snapping, clicking, or grinding sensations around the scapula (shoulder blade) during shoulder movement. This syndrome can range from being a minor nuisance to significantly impacting an individual’s daily activities and athletic performance. Precipitating factors may include muscle weakness or fatigue in the scapular stabilizers, postural abnormalities, or muscle inflexibility. In some cases, anatomical abnormalities around the scapula and posterior thorax may also contribute to the syndrome.

AHP Healthcare’s Snapping Scapula (AT) Course:

Our Snapping Scapula (AT) course, approved by the Board of Certification, offers athletic trainers 2 CE hours upon completion. Developed by Dr. Robert C. Manske, a renowned expert in sports physical therapy and rehabilitation, this course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the etiology, examination, and treatment of snapping scapula syndrome.

Course Overview:

The Snapping Scapula (AT) course comprises three modules totaling three hours of engaging content. Participants will explore the following key areas:

Etiology of Snapping Scapula Syndrome

Understand the underlying causes and contributing factors behind snapping scapula syndrome. Gain insights into the biomechanics and anatomical considerations associated with this condition.

Evaluation and Assessment

Learn how to conduct a thorough evaluation of patients presenting with snapping scapula syndrome. Explore assessment techniques to identify physical limitations and functional impairments that may contribute to the syndrome.

Treatment Strategies

Discuss evidence-based treatment methods aimed at resolving or improving symptoms of snapping scapula syndrome. Explore a range of rehabilitation approaches, including flexibility and range of motion exercises, strength and endurance training, and postural correction methods.

Course Developer: Dr. Robert C. Manske

Dr. Robert C. Manske is a distinguished professor and former chair in the Doctoral Physical Therapy Program at Wichita State University. With extensive experience in sports physical therapy and athletic training, Dr. Manske brings a wealth of expertise to the development of this course. His commitment to excellence in teaching and clinical practice is reflected in his numerous accolades and contributions to the field of rehabilitation. Ready to enhance your skills in managing snapping scapula syndrome? Enroll in AHP Healthcare’s Snapping Scapula (AT) course today! Call us at 800-957-2872 or visit our website to register and gain access to invaluable insights and continuing education credits. Snapping scapula syndrome presents unique challenges in athletic training and rehabilitation. With AHP Healthcare’s comprehensive course, athletic trainers can deepen their understanding of this condition and acquire practical skills to optimize patient outcomes. Join us in our commitment to advancing healthcare excellence and empowering athletic trainers with the knowledge needed to excel in clinical practice.  
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